To create an open environment for collaborating around 3D+ imaging data

We are living in the era of big data. Scientists can only progress as fast as they can derive insights from massive bodies of information.  Today, data processing and management is one of the most common bottlenecks in scientific research.  This is especially true in imaging fields like microscopy, MRI, CT, X-ray, and more.  In recent decades, imaging devices have seen major technological advancements, and can now capture nanoscale details in five dimensions (x, y, z, time, and color).  However, the tools for visualizing these multidimensional datasets have not evolved concurrently.  Most current visualization tools are limited to 2D representations, allowing researchers to view only one 2D slice of the 3D data at a time.  These visualization tools also lack collaborative features, preventing researchers from sharing and viewing their data with colleagues in real time.  Not only are current tools functionally limited, but they are also prohibitively expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars per individual license.


We created Microscape to overcome these challenges.  Our software visualizes imaging data in 3D, 4D, and 5D; works on multiple devices including PC, Mac, web, mobile, tablet, VR, and more; and provides collaborative tools for groups of researchers to simultaneously view and manipulate shared 3D+ datasets from remote locations.  With our accelerated algorithms and versatile software stack, Microscape is a low cost solution poised to overcome current standards in imaging visualization technology.


Phase I

Free 3D+ data viewer with tools for creating stunning videos to share in presentations, conferences, and social media. Optional paid features include VR viewer, mobile viewer (iOS and Android), and more.

Phase II

Cloud-hosted database for sharing 3D+ imaging data with collaborators, imaging researchers, and the public.

Phase III

Simultaneous multiperson 3D+ data viewing and analysis on PC, Mac, mobile devices, web, and VR.

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